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Penzion MW Sedmihorky

Pension MW Sedmihorky was opened not so far ago, just to gratify an interest of tourists for Bohemian Paradise (pension lies approximately 5 km from the city Turnov). From that our helpful approach to guests goes out. We try you to feel first-rate if you decide to spend some time in our pension. If you will miss a suggestion, recommendation or you will want to find a nice path for bike trip... we will do our best to find an answer to your question.

About Bohemian Paradise

Český Ráj

This unique and by nothing unrepeatable territory lies on the northeast of Czech republic, about 100 km far pro Prague. The Bohemian Paradise is known as the very first protected area which was proclaimed in the Czech republic (1955) and whose area was enlarged in 2002. In 2005 Bohemian Paradise became a part of Europian system of geoparks. Oneness of the scenery consists in the connection of nature beauty with a magic and romantic aspect of historical monuments.

Gorgeous, unforgettable sceneries can be found in the Bohemian Paradise during whole year - not only in spring or during the summer holiday. On your trips - on bike or by foot - you will be fascinated by sand-stone rocks, picturesque valleys or mysterious ponds. You will find here places of distant views by the country-side and other nature interests. On your tours for knowledge, following the pathways of history you will discover romantic ruins, castles and chateaus which are fabulous by legends and tales. You will meet with admirable architecture and items of folk civil engineering, chapelles, columns of the crucification and sculptures of folk stonecutters. If we talk about symbols, ruin Trosky became a view point of the Bohemian Paradise. The nature is dominated by the highest mountain of this area - Kozákov, which is adverted in many myths and tales.

(we really appreciate favour of Info Center in Turnov, Associaton Bohemian Paradise and Publishing house Jakoubě for providing of text materials)

Tips for trips

„Stone cities“:

  • „Stone cities":Hruboskalské skalní město - 400 of sand-stone towers reaching up to 55 m
  • Prachovské skály - the best known stone city
  • Besedické skály - an unforgettable labyrinth for children
  • Suché skály near by Malá Skála - called „Czech Dolomites", reminding back of a dragon if you watch it from far
  • Klokočské a Betlémské skály, Příhrazské skály

Places of distant views:

  • Kozákov (744 m), Tábor (678 m), Kopanina (657 m), Medenec, Vyskeř, Mužský, Veliš, Zebín, Hlavatice, Čeřovka, Dubecko

Nature and other interesting things:

  • Bozkovské dolomitové jeskyně (Bozkov dolomite caves) - the biggest underground lake in the Czech republic
  • Podtrosecká údolí - the largest complex of wetland biotopes on the territory of the protected area of the Bohemian Paradise
  • River Jizera - The Riegrs path which is guided here and there on aerial bridge above the surface of the river
  • Libosad - composed baroque scenery not far from Jicin
  • Rovensko pod Troskami - baroque wooden bell tower with three „rebellious" bells whose tongues are turned-up upwards

For more info please visit http://www.cesky-raj.info/.


Šťastná země v novém

I známý a oblíbený přírodní zábavní park Šťastná země má pro Vás letos připraveno spoustu nových atrakcí a zajímavých akcí - vystoupení skupiny Mandrage nebo Mig 21.. Šťastná země

Nové letní koupaliště

V letošní sezoně se můžete těšit na zbrusu nové koupaliště v Turnově které se dokončuje..

Rezervace na letošní sezonu

Přestože zima se ještě zcela nevzdala, jaro je za dveřmi a my se opět těšíme na Vaši návštěvu v letošním roce. Již nyní přijímáme objednávky na letošní jarní a letní sezonu. Více v sekci rezervace

The length of the stay

Dear clients, we dare to inform you that from this season we offer stay only for 2 nights and more. Thank you for your sympathy


We offer you newly established wireless Internet connection in our pension.

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